600 g/1.2 lb scotch filet steak/boneless rib eye 

(Note 1)

2 tbsp vegetable oil, partitioned

1 enormous onion (or 2 little onions), cut

300 g/10 oz mushrooms, cut (not excessively dainty)

40 g/3 tbsp spread

2 tbsp flour 

(Note 2)

2 cups/500 ml hamburger stock, ideally salt decreased

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

150 ml/2/3 cup sharp cream

Salt and pepper


250 - 300 g/8 - 10 oz pasta or egg noodles of decision (Note 3)

Chopped chives 


Utilize your clenched hand (or moving pin or hammer) to smooth the steaks to around 3/4cm/1/3″ thick. Cut into 5mm/1/5″ strips (cut long ones down the middle), disposing of overabundance fat.

Sprinkle with a touch of salt and pepper.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a huge skillet over high hotness. Disperse a large portion of the meat in the skillet, QUICKLY spread it with utensils. Leave immaculate for 30 seconds until caramelized. Turn hamburger rapidly (decently well!). Leave immaculate for 30 seconds to brown. Promptly eliminate onto a plate. Try not to stress over pink pieces and that they will be crude inside.

Add staying 1 tbsp oil and rehash with an outstanding hamburger.

Turn heat down to medium-high. Add margarine, and soften. Then, at that point, add onions, cook for 1 moment, then, at that point, add mushrooms.

Cook mushrooms until brilliant. Scratch the lower part of the fry container to get every one of the brilliant pieces off (this is flavor!).

Add flour, cook, mixing, for 1 moment.

Add a large portion of the stock while mixing. Once consolidated, add the remaining stock.

Mix, then add acrid cream and mustard. Mix until joined (simply sit back and relax assuming it looks split, acrid cream will "liquefy" as it warms).

Bring to stew, then decrease hotness to medium-low. When it thickens to the consistency of pouring cream (3 - 5 minutes), change salt and pepper to taste.

Add meat back in (counting plate juices). Stew for 1 moment, then, at that point, eliminate from the oven right away. (Note 4)

Serve over pasta or egg noodles, sprinkled with chives whenever wanted.

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