°500 gm minced hamburger.

°2 medium eggs.

°2 tablespoons of bread pieces.

°1 tablespoon olive oil.

°1/2 teaspoon onion powder.

°1/2 teaspoon garlic powder.

°1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.

°2 little slashed onions.

°2 and a half cups of hamburger stock.

°2 tablespoons of flour.

°Salt likewise dark pepper.


I joined ground meat, breadcrumbs, eggs, onion, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce lastly added ½ teaspoon salt and another ½ teaspoon dark pepper.

It framed 8 balls, and formed like steaks

I seared the hotcakes and kept them warm.

Utilizing a similar skillet, I cooked onions with garlic powder and flour, slowly adding Worcestershire and stock. I have cooked this blend for 7 minutes.

I returned the flapjacks to the skillet and cooked them for more than 10 min

Enjoy !

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