Blitz cheesecake

Blitz cheesecake

Blitz cheesecake is a delightful twist on the classic dessert that promises all the creamy richness of traditional cheesecake but with a fraction of the time and effort required. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of blitz cheesecake, its key ingredients, preparation steps, variations, serving suggestions, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice in the kitchen, mastering the art of blitz cheesecake is sure to impress your family and friends.

A close-up image of a slice of creamy cheesecake with a golden graham cracker crust, topped with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate sauce

History and Origin

Cheesecake has been enjoyed for centuries, with its roots tracing back to ancient Greece. However, the modern iteration of blitz cheesecake emerged more recently as a solution for those craving the indulgent treat but lacking the time to spare. By streamlining the preparation process, blitz cheesecake offers a convenient alternative without compromising on taste.

Ingredients for Blitz Cheesecake

The beauty of blitz cheesecake lies in its simplicity, requiring just a handful of common ingredients. Cream cheese serves as the star ingredient, providing the luscious texture and rich flavor characteristic of cheesecake. Sugar adds sweetness, while eggs act as a binding agent. A splash of vanilla extract and lemon juice enhances the flavor profile, while a graham cracker crust provides the perfect crunchy base.

Preparation Steps

Creating a blitz cheesecake is a straightforward process that can be broken down into several simple steps. Begin by preparing the crust, followed by mixing the filling ingredients until smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture into the prepared crust and bake until set. Once cooled, refrigerate the cheesecake until firm before serving.

Variations and Customizations

One of the joys of making blitz cheesecake is the opportunity for creativity and personalization. Experiment with different toppings such as fresh fruit, chocolate drizzle, or chopped nuts to add extra flair to your dessert. You can also play around with flavored extracts or spices to tailor the taste to your liking.

Tips for Success

Achieving the perfect blitz cheesecake requires attention to detail and a few key tips. Ensure that all ingredients are at room temperature before mixing to prevent lumps and achieve a smooth consistency. Be careful not to overmix the batter, as this can lead to a dense and heavy texture. Additionally, pay close attention to baking time and temperature to avoid over or undercooking.

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving Quick cheesecake, the possibilities are endless. For a simple yet elegant presentation, garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprig of fresh mint. Pair with a cup of coffee or tea for a delightful afternoon treat, or serve alongside a glass of champagne for a touch of luxury.

Health Considerations

While blitz cheesecake is undeniably indulgent, it’s important to enjoy it in moderation as part of a balanced diet. For those watching their calorie intake, there are lighter alternatives available that use reduced-fat cream cheese or Greek yogurt in place of traditional ingredients.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

In recent years, Quick cheesecake has surged in popularity, thanks in part to its viral success on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Influencers and celebrities alike have been quick to embrace the trend, sharing their own unique twists on the classic dessert with millions of followers.


Blitz cheesecake offers a deliciously convenient way to satisfy your sweet tooth without spending hours in the kitchen. With its creamy texture, rich flavor, and endless customization options, it’s no wonder this dessert has become a favorite among home bakers and food enthusiasts alike. So why not whip up a batch today and experience the joy of Quick cheesecake for yourself?


  1. Can I use low-fat cream cheese for blitz cheesecake?
    • Yes, you can substitute low-fat cream cheese for the traditional variety to reduce the calorie content of your cheesecake.
  2. How long does Quick cheesecake last in the refrigerator?
    • Blitz cheesecake can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days, though it’s best enjoyed fresh.
  3. Can I freeze Quick cheesecake?
    • Yes, blitz cheesecake can be frozen for up to three months. Be sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn.
  4. What can I use as a substitute for graham cracker crust?
    • If you don’t have graham crackers on hand, you can use crushed digestive biscuits or even crushed cookies such as Oreos for the crust.
  5. Can I make Quick cheesecake ahead of time for a special occasion?
    • Yes, blitz cheesecake is an excellent make-ahead dessert. Simply prepare it as directed and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve.
Blitz cheesecake

Blitz cheesecake

Learn to make blitz cheesecake: a quick, creamy dessert with a graham cracker crust. Perfect for any occasion!
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings: 6 peoples
Calories: 300kcal


  • 160 g margarine or butter
  • 120 g sugar
  • half a pack of baking powder
  • 720 g quark
  • 4 eggs
  • 120 g flour
  • 2 packs of vanilla sugar
  • some lemon juice


  • First, mix all the ingredients together and put them in a springform pan (26 or 24).
  • Bake at 170°C top/bottom heat for about 1 hour.
  • Then let the cake cool in the oven after baking so that it doesn’t collapse.
  • You can also enjoy this cake with fruit, simply add tangerine pieces, sour cherries or cherries to the dough.


Calories: 300kcal

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